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An audio-visual production manager is responsible for overseeing the planning, coordination, and execution of various aspects of audiovisual productions such as films, television shows, commercials, and online videos.

His role includes managing resources, schedules, budgets, and personnel to ensure that productions are completed successfully and meet the desired quality standards.

AV Strategies is a Canadian Audio-Visual Event Services company with branch offices across Canada. We are seeking a Senior Production Manager to join our Vancouver team working on national event activations. The successful candidate must have a minimum of 5 years of experience working as a team leader/project manager in the A/V rentals industry.

Senior AV Production Manager in Vancouver

You may be interested in the vacancy of a senior AV production manager if you are familiar with the following concepts and terms:

  1. Project planning and coordination. Audio-visual production managers develop production schedules, create budgets, and coordinate logistics such as locations, equipment, and personnel to ensure smooth production workflows.
  2. Resource management. AV production managers allocate resources efficiently, including equipment, crew members, and facilities, to maximize productivity and minimize costs.
  3. Budget management. Audio-visual production managers are responsible for managing production budgets, tracking expenses, and identifying cost-saving opportunities to ensure that projects are completed within financial constraints.
  4. Team management. AV production managers hire and supervise production staff, including directors, camera operators, editors, and production assistants, ensuring that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.
  5. Problem-solving. Audio-visual production managers troubleshoot issues that arise during production, such as equipment malfunctions, scheduling conflicts, or budget overruns, and find solutions to keep the project on track.
  6. Quality control. AV production managers oversee the production process to ensure that it meets quality standards and adheres to creative visions and technical specifications.
  7. Risk management. Audio-visual production managers identify potential risks to the production and develop contingency plans to mitigate them, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within scope.

An audiovisual production manager plays a crucial role in bringing creative visions to life by effectively managing resources, schedules, and personnel throughout the production process.

What Should a Senior AV Production Manager Know and Be Able to Do?

Audio-visual production managers must be proficient and/or certified in various technical fields such as:

  • AutoCAD 2014 3D drafting
  • WYSIWYG-Cast drafting
  • Meyer MAPP Online Pro – Proficient
  • Meyer Sound SIM-3 Analysis – Certified
  • AMX Control Systems
  • Crestron Control System
  • Knowledge and experience relating to ECTP Rigging Standards
  • Solid Computer Networking capabilities
  • Solid MAC & PC software suite capabilities
  • Ability to travel nationally and internationally as required
  • Strong written and verbal skills in English
  • Basic written and verbal skills in French

This person must have a resume that includes live sound engineering for large-scale concert applications, visual engineering experience with multi-camera switching, HD projection, seamless graphics switching, LED Wall technology, simultaneous interpretation equipment, etc. A valid BC driver’s license or the ability to attain a BC driver’s license is required.

Job Responsibilities Senior AV Production Manager

Job duties include:

  • Sound engineering for large-scale corporate and entertainment events
  • Designing event floor plans and audiovisual layouts using AutoCAD
  • Mapping and engineering Meyer Line Array solutions for specific venues
  • Design and install AMX & Crestron Control Systems for permanent installations
  • Meet clients, analyze requirements, and design appropriate audiovisual solutions for large events, festivals, and concerts.
  • Work effectively as a team member to execute multi-disciplined audiovisual staging projects.
  • Manage and maintain internal network across three provinces

We offer an attractive compensation and benefits package including, basic and extended health, dental care plan, and disability and life insurance benefits.

Apply by email only with a cover letter and resume/CV to: careers@avstrategies.ca

Work location: 1295 Napier Street, Vancouver, BC

Title: Senior Production Manager, National

Employment type: Permanent/Full-time

Salary: $65,000 – $70,000 CAD annually, based on experience

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