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AV Strategies now has Theatrixx Totem digital signage solutions as part of our national inventory. This innovative self-standing 2.5mm LED display offers Plug and Play features. They have been designed to ensure maximal impact and delivery of your message in a clear and appealing way.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Theatrixx Totem?

Content can be uploaded via USB Stick, Ethernet, or through the integrated Wi-Fi hotspot. Live content can be streamed through a HDMI or RJ45 input. These displays can be stand-alone or configured as a group and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Characteristics Theatrixx Totem:

  1. Versatile mounting options are available: standalone, on wheels, mounted on walls or suspended.
  2. Simple Plug and Play functionality; intuitive software allows for quick setup in just minutes.
  3. Equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi access point and client for easy connection via computer or smartphone.
  4. Comes with a fully autonomous professional digital signage player featuring a scheduler.
  5. Includes an auxiliary HDMI input for connecting external video sources.
  6. Allows for daisy-chaining, enabling connection of up to 6 Totems for synchronized displays.
  7. Offers integrated remote monitoring, diagnostics, and logging for both the display and the player.

We control the Theatrixx Totems with a computer application that allows us to manage several of these devices through a local area network.

Photos by Theatrixx Totem

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Theatrixx Totem Video

Click this link to see a video demonstration of this unique product:

XVISION 2.5mm LED Totem