Floor Plans

Successful events start with good planning – we specialize in providing detailed, accurate site plans using AutoCad, Vectorworks and WYSIWYG pre-visualizations.Β 

Visualize YourΒ Event

A floor plan enables event planners and clients to visualize how everything will fit into a given event space.Β  Accurate room plans are crucial for ensuring the venue and all event vendors are able to visualize the set-up and understand how everything will dovetail together. Most large venues require accurate CAD drawings for fire and safety approvals.

100% Accurate

We create 100% accurate CAD based floor plans that include every detail including tables, chairs, stage plot, lighting positions, front-of-house position, displays, and all other event requirements.Β Because CAD drawings are based on the exact scale of the room, your floor plan will accurately show how everything will fit into the given space.

Using this technology we can also create 3D room drawings to provide a realistic visual concept of any room set-up for you and event stakeholders. For more information see ourΒ Event Room Renders page.Β 

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