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Production Coordination

Detailed event management is required to coordinate all of the various suppliers, the creative & technical teams, and the venue staff. We help to guide our clients by providing experienced, technical expertise and β€œboots on the ground” knowledge of venues and local specialty vendors.

Our production managers can oversee the organizational process from start to finish to ensure a successful event.


Our crews always show-up prepared, with schedules and are always guided by experienced on-site supervision.


In addition to developing the floor plans and stage renders, we can also create the load-in schedule, detailed event agenda, and show flows.


We work collaboratively to ensure our clients are an integral part of critical decision making.


We will coordinate with other show vendors prior to the event and coordinate with each of them to ensure we are working in conjunction with one another.

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Vancouver, BC. V6A 2H7
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Calgary, AB. T2A 2P6
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