What sets avstrategies apart is our expertise in providing production management services that are second-to-none. Our project managers can provide overall production management by developing floor plans, room renders, creating multimedia & video content, and helping with venue and logistical challenges.

Event App AVS custom event app using the Touchpointยฎ platform
Floor Plans 100% accurate CAD drawings & technical diagrams
Mobile Staging Outdoor stage options for band shell & FOH positions
Multimedia Production Video & graphics content creation
Production Coordination Logistical planning, schedules, vendor management
Renders 3D room renders providing a realistic visual designs
Equipment Rentals AV equipment rentals to production companies
Sales & Integration Equipment sales, custom installations, digital signage
Virtual Events Scalable and reliable platform for hosting virtual events

AV Solutions in Vancouver

At AV Strategies, we provide a comprehensive array of audiovisual services tailored for businesses and organizations. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we breathe life into modern offices.

We are offering a span from sound systems and lighting to projection and video displays, making us the premier destination for top-tier AV systems in Vancouver. With our latest audiovisual technology, we ensure connectivity and productivity. Reach out to us today to discuss your AV requirements.

AV Strategies is committed to crafting the ideal audio-visual solution for your environment.

Providing Audio-Visual Solutions For Every Industry

Audio-visual solutions have become indispensable tools across a wide range of industries, revolutionizing the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and engage with their audiences. Here are several sectors where audio-visual solutions play a vital role:

  • Corporate. In the corporate world, audio-visual solutions are used for presentations, video conferences, training sessions, and internal communications. From boardrooms to training facilities, businesses rely on AV technology to enhance productivity and efficiency.

  • Education. Educational institutions leverage audio-visual solutions to create interactive learning environments. Classrooms are equipped with projectors, interactive whiteboards, and audio systems to facilitate dynamic teaching and active student participation.

  • Entertainment. The entertainment industry heavily relies on AV solutions for productions, concerts, events, and theme parks. High-definition displays, immersive sound systems, and lighting effects are essential components in delivering captivating entertainment experiences.

  • Healthcare. Hospitals and healthcare facilities utilize audio-visual solutions for patient education, telemedicine, medical imaging, and training purposes. AV technology enhances communication between healthcare providers and patients, leading to better outcomes and experiences.

  • Retail. Retailers use audio-visual solutions to enhance the shopping experience, promote products, and engage customers. Digital signage, interactive displays, and in-store audio systems are employed to attract attention, convey messages, and drive sales.

  • Hospitality. Hotels, resorts, and conference centers integrate AV solutions to cater to the needs of guests and event organizers. From conference rooms equipped with video conferencing systems to digital signage in lobbies, AV technology enhances guest satisfaction and event experiences.

  • Government. Government agencies utilize audio-visual solutions for public communication, legislative sessions, surveillance, and emergency response. AV technology facilitates transparent governance, efficient operations, and effective communication with constituents.

  • Transportation. Audio-visual solutions provide wayfinding information, advertising opportunities, and passenger announcements in transportation hubs such as airports, train stations, and bus terminals.

Audio-visual solutions have become integral in various industries, enabling businesses and organizations to streamline operations and deliver immersive experiences to their audiences.

How to Order AV Solutions in Vancouver?

You can order AV solutions in Vancouver at an affordable price from AV Strategies. We have a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of audio-visual technology, ensuring top-notch solutions to meet your needs.

With a solid reputation for providing high-quality audio-visual solutions, our company has earned the trust of numerous clients in Vancouver and beyond.

Contact AV Strategies’ manager at 604 879 3950 to order state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions.

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