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Mobile Stages

avstrategies is pleased to offer both mobile stage trailers: the SL100 Mix and the SL260 DCW.
Both stages offer the maximum configuration options available for your events: concerts, music tours, festivals, celebrations, and entertainment.

Stageline SL100 Mix

Mobile stage trailerThe mobile stage trailer SL100MIX has a 20’x24’ covered deck that can be expanded to 24’x24’. PA wings or additional up stage extension decks can be added for monitors, artist use or changeover area. The banner support package on the stage is a fantastic marketing/branding opportunity. The SL100MIX can also be configured as a FOH control position with a staggered control deck, rooftop covered follow spot booth and delay LED wall and PA support. Small but mighty, our SL100MIX offers many more features that are exclusive to AV Strategies.

Stageline SL260 DCW

Mobile stageThe mobile stage SL260 has a 32’x24’ covered main deck area which can be expanded to 32’x32’ of covered stage deck area with our downstage/upstage extension decks. In addition, 1 or 2 covered wings can be added. Each wing is 12’x 20’. These wings work great for a monitor mix position, backline/artist prep area or VIP viewing zone.
Another unique feature to our SL260 offering is the optional LED wall mounting package. This allows for an LED video wall up to 20 feet wide to be rigged above the stage.

Excellent Branding Opportunities

Our mobile stage company offers excellent opportunities for customized event branding and banners, and are ideal for festivals and events of all sizes. The ability to be setup as main stages with or without weather-protected wings, video wall support, extension stages… you name it – we have a solution that will work for your event. We have extensive experience with printing banners and are able to coordinate both the design and printing on your behalf. Our banner books provide all the dimensions required for custom signage.

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