3D Room Rendering

We can create 3D room drawings using the latest technology to provide a realistic visual concept of any room set-up. Realistic renders are an important step in creating excitement around event themes and concepts.

Realistic Room Previews

3D room renders enable our clients to explore their event space and set designs in a virtual environment.
The best way to get stakeholder signoff is by providing a realistic 3-dimensional view of your meeting space with all of the tables, chairs, set, stage, lighting and dΓ©cor in place.

Practical Tech Setups

Technically complex event productions need advanced planning to ensure all technical aspects of the show work as they are intended. This is even more important when the event takes place in a remote location or when set-up time is limited.
In cases where the technical production is challenging we often create wiring diagrams or schematics to ensure all components are factored into the technical production and that all departments sign off on the technical design of the show.

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