July 2020


AV Strategies introduces AVS Elements, our virtual event platform. AVS Elements puts all the tools to execute a successful virtual event in your hands. Powered by the Touchpointยฎย event app, we can develop and deploy a branded event portal with all the features necessary to manage the entire attendee experience.

avstrategiesonline.ca is your gateway to hosting a virtual event. Enter a virtual ballroom, meeting space, or classroom to take part in the immersive experience. We can host AGMโ€™s, awards galas, and conferences that include keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and exhibit booths; all with support for remote live presentations and pre-recorded content.

Our app provides a single platform to deliver a seamless virtual experience. From there attendees are directed to live stream pages for keynotes and breakouts as well as virtual exhibit booths where attendees can participate in demos and group discussions along with downloading handouts and collateral material.ย ย 

Anything you would do at a conventional in-person event can be accomplished virtually. From keynote addresses, classroom sessions, entertainment, and auctions, AVS Elements is flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us to discuss how we can offer a package that suits your virtual event needs. info@avstrategies.ca