December 2014

We have just wrapped up our support of the David Suzuki Foundation’s cross-country Blue Dot Tour. The tour covered 34 Canadian locations from St. John’s, NF to Victoria, BC and all points in between. The final show in Vancouver included appearances by Neil Young, Feist, Chantal Kreviazuk, Barenaked Ladies, Hey Ocean, Margaret Atwood, and Raine Maida.

avs crew chief, Martin Jordanov travelled with the Suzuki Foundation in their tour bus, receiving support from our local branch offices in Toronto, Calgary, Prince George, and Vancouver also. We provided full audio, video and lighting support along with venue technical integration.

It was great to part of such a positive undertaking. David Suzuki summed up his inspiration for the tour in the following way:

“I have lived an entire life, and if there is one unwavering truth I have learned it is that things change. Rights change. Our concept of who we are and what we hold our highest values to be change. But they don’t change on their own. It takes a million different people committed to a single, beautiful ideal, over a long period of time to make real change happen. This is what you are a part of now, and what the Blue Dot Tour has always been about…”


David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour

David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour

The David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour.