Audio Visual Equipment Rental

avstrategies has an extensive, up-to-date inventory of audio-visual equipment for rent for the broadcast and corporate marketsΒ – our in-house inventory of lighting, and audio solutions gives us a competitive advantage by enabling end-to-end solutions from a single vendor.


We offer a range of innovative projection & video wall solutions along with a full inventory of matrix switching, video processing, and HD camera flypacks. Using our media server and image blending capabilities we can deliver image mapping over large surfaces to provide an immersive experience.


Our lighting inventory includes a wide range of conventional, LED and intelligent lighting fixtures. We also carry an extensive array of truss, motors and rigging solutions in-house. For soft goods, our drape department offers a range fabric colours and materials, including an expansive inventory of scenic backdrops such as our Chameleon LED star drape.


We provide a range of line array and point source audio systems along with loudspeaker management solutions. This inventory enables us to offer concert sound for outdoor festivals and large entertainment venues. We carry a full spectrum of mixing consoles and complete band packages.

Why is AV Equipment Rental in Vancouver Beneficial?

Renting audio-visual equipment offers several benefits, especially for events, presentations, or short-term projects. Main benefits:

  • Cost-effective. AV equipment rental allows you to access high-quality equipment without the upfront investment of purchasing. This is particularly beneficial for occasional events or projects where purchasing equipment wouldn’t be financially viable.

  • Flexibility. Renting AV equipment provides flexibility in terms of equipment selection. You can choose the specific equipment that best suits your needs for each event or project, rather than being tied to the same equipment for every occasion.

  • Access to the latest technology. AV technology is constantly evolving. Renting allows you to access the latest equipment and technology advancements.

  • Maintenance and support. AV rental companies often provide maintenance and technical support services. This ensures that the equipment is in good working condition and any technical issues can be promptly addressed, minimizing downtime during your event or project.

  • No storage hassles. AV equipment can be bulky and requires proper storage space when not in use. Renting eliminates the need for storage and the associated costs and logistics.

  • Try before you buy. Renting AV equipment provides an opportunity to test out different equipment brands and models before making a purchasing decision. This allows you to make informed choices based on firsthand experience.

  • Convenience. AV equipment rental companies often offer delivery, setup, and pickup services, saving you time and effort. AV Strategies assists in the installation and operation of the equipment, ensuring your event or project runs smoothly.

  • Reduced risk. Renting AV equipment mitigates the risks associated with equipment ownership, such as depreciation, maintenance costs, and potential obsolescence.

Overall, AV equipment rental offers a convenient, cost-effective, and flexible solution for meeting your audio-visual needs, whether it’s for a one-time event, short-term project, or ongoing usage.

When You Need Audio-Visual Rentals in Vancouver?

You may need audio-visual rentals in Vancouver for various occasions, including:

  • Corporate events. For conferences, seminars, training sessions, and presentations, you may require audio-visual equipment rental to ensure high-quality sound and visuals.

  • Special events. During weddings, anniversaries, or exhibitions you can use audio-visual equipment to create a special atmosphere.

  • Educational events. In educational institutions or conferences, renting equipment for lectures, presentations, or seminars might be necessary.

  • Cultural events. For concerts, theatrical performances, movie screenings, and other cultural events, audio-visual equipment can enhance sound quality and visual effects.

  • Corporate meetings. For partner meetings, boardroom discussions, or in-office presentations, audio-visual equipment may be needed to facilitate effective communication.

Audio-visual equipment rentals in Vancouver are needed in situations where you need to provide quality sound and visuals for an event or project.

Where to Order AV Equipment Rental in Vancouver?

Renting AV equipment in Vancouver from AV Strategies offers several benefits:

  • High-quality equipment. AV Strategies provides top-of-the-line audio-visual equipment, ensuring high-quality sound and visuals for your event or project.

  • Support. A team of professionals will help with equipment selection, setup and technical support throughout the event.

  • Flexibility. Renting AV equipment allows you to customize your setup according to the specific needs of each event. AV Strategies offers a wide range of equipment options, allowing you to tailor your setup to suit the size and requirements of your event.

  • Cost-effectiveness. Renting AV equipment from AV Strategies can be a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing equipment outright. You only pay for the equipment you need for the duration of your event, eliminating the need for long-term investment and maintenance costs.

  • Convenience. AV Strategies offers delivery, setup, and pickup services, making the process of renting AV equipment hassle-free. Their team will handle all aspects of equipment logistics, allowing you to focus on the success of your event.

  • Access to the latest technology. AV Strategies stays up-to-date with the latest audio-visual technology trends. By renting equipment from them, you can access cutting-edge technology without the need for expensive upgrades or investments.

  • Scalability. Whether you’re hosting a small meeting or a large-scale conference, AV Strategies can provide scalable solutions to meet your needs.

  • Reliability. AV Strategies is known for its reliable service and high-quality equipment. You can rest assured that our equipment will work flawlessly throughout your event.

Renting AV equipment from AV Strategies in Vancouver offers a convenient, cost-effective, and reliable solution for all your audio-visual needs.

To ask questions about AV rentals in Vancouver or to book a service, you can call: 604 879 3950.

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